Mindful Fitness for Busy Professionals


Blaze is a one-of-a-kind virtual fitness membership program under the MindWellSuite™ featuring must-have fitness, wellness and coaching resources for busy people. You’ll get access to specially curated – robust training content from the Aerobodies – MindWellSuite™ World Class Team of Experts. You are also joining a community of driven, passionate individuals who just like yourself are all keenly aware of being their best physically, mentally and emotionally everyday of your life.

Blaze Virtual Fitness

Blaze Provides...

Digital Wellness Platform

Cultural Wellness Assessments and Scorecards

100+ on-demand fitness videos

Weight Management & Nutrition Consulting

One-on-one Coaching

Small Group and Virtual Team Building

Ready To Begin Your Wellness Journey?

While we remain vigilant to our personal health and safety before, during, and after COVID-19, we want our clients and network to know that we are here to support you in health, body and mind.

Whether your goal is to find the latest MBF workout, best practices in working out from home, great recipes, or new tips in employee wellbeing…Aerobodies has you covered.

So we’ve launched yet another new platform for you here at the MindWellSuite™️. We call it the Blaze Workouts. Enjoy live streaming and on-demand wellness experiences whenever, and wherever you are.

Blaze gives you and your team the best digital wellbeing experiences at your fingertips.

Ready To Begin Your Wellness Journey?

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